Jaguar E Type v Modern Electronics

Our silver E Type chalked up another score for classic car technology when it returned from a hire the other day. The plucky Jaguar faithfully transported the customer across the country to his wedding and the happy couple onward for their honeymoon. After a journey of many hundreds of miles, the happy couple returned to us with a broad smile on their faces. The one component that had failed? The 21st century CD audio system.

After some diagnosis to determine if the head unit could be revived it was declared unserviceable and a replacement located and purchased. This was duly fitted to the car, with a friendly blue display to match the upholstery. Now the car has now been brought up to date with an auxiliary input and a USB port for you to plug your new-fangled smartphone thingy-me-jig into.

The sound quality? You are sitting next to a 4.2 litre roaring beast of an engine with the wind blowing around your head. Sound quality? Pah!