Silver Jaguar Delights With Longer Legs

Silver Jaguar E-Type in Brimpsfield

The winter is a less than ideal time for classic car hire and we take the opportunity to take the cars of the road to make improvements. This year we decided to treat our silver car to a full differential rebuild and in the process we restored the original ratio which had been modified by a previous owner. We worked with a leading expert in the field of classic Jaguar differential rebuilds to carry out the task and were very pleased with the quality of the work carried out.

The result has been fantastic. Fourth gear of the five speed box corresponds in ratio to top gear on the original car and the fifth gear now provides taller gearing for more relaxed motorway use. The longer legs make the car even more of a delight to drive with the additional benefit of lower fuel consumption and less wear on the engine. We think this was well worth the investment.